Verified Gross Mass for export containers (VGM) - mandatory information to be provided by the shipper from 1st of July 2016 onward

As well known a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) has to be provided for each export container by the shipper from 1st of July 2016 onward. Without this data no container will in future be loaded on board a vessel. This information requirement applies to all UN member states, yet the implementation is subject to the national laws that apply in the country in which the container is packed.

As the implementation of the new regulation is now drawing closer we have compiled the available information in the following links:

The first link includes a Q & A providing the main information to the most important questions connected to the introduction of the VGM reporting requirement.

The second link leads you to a download of the certified procedure developed by BG-Verkehr (the appointed regulatory government department in Germany) ) which can be used by all shippers in Germany, provided the described procedural steps can be followed accordingly. The certified procedure can be used as an alternative to the weighing of the loaded and sealed container.

The last link includes a sample of a weight note. The data described in that sample note is needed from our side in order to transfer the VGM to the shipping line. Provided the complete required data is available it can be sent to us in the sample or an alternative (also electronic) format.

Should you have further questions on the subject our staff will gladly be of assistance. Please contact:

Sebastian Barthel, Sales Export Oceanfreight
Tel. +49 40 374933-26, Email barthel(at)

André Hagedorn, Department Manager Export Oceanfreight
Tel. +49 40 374933-19, Email hagedorn(at)

For our customers in the Czech Republic, local yet similar requirements will apply. For further details please also apply to:

Vladimír Rusňák, Managing Director
Tel. +420 2 72744604, Email rusnak(at)