Rail transportation as an alternative to sea and sea/air transports from China to Central Europe

Thanks to strong support by China a regular and comprehensive rail connection for container transports between China and Central Europe has been established.

Even though this route, in particular in the wintertime, has its requirements due to the special climatic conditions, it has become a transport alternative enjoying a growing popularity.

Although the cost for FCL movements by rail from China to Europe, in particular in comparison to the current sea freight rates, seem to be prohibitive for the shipping of the classic consumer goods produced in China, it is a fact that the transport time from railway terminal to railway terminal, say on the route between Zhengzhou in China and Hamburg in Germany, is a mere 14-15 days. Compared to the average shipping time between Chinese and European main ports (currently in the range of 30 to 35 days) the movement by train offers a considerable time advantage.

With its short transit time, the train transport, in particular for LCL cargo movements, has become a serious contender to the classic sea/air transport from China to Europe, also beating it on price.

Together with our partner in China, Seabridge can offer you competitive and regular door to door transport solutions on this route.

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