New REX system: are Certificates of Origin Form A still applicable?

The new REX system in the Generalised System of Preferences, launched by the European Union together with countries on the 1st of January 2017, is bringing some considerable changes. The involved parties should check if their usually used "Form A" certificates of origin are still applicable to their shipments!

With implementation of the REX system, the conventional certificates of origin of participating countries will be gradually replaced with so called supplier statements on the product origin. Some countries such as e.g. India and Pakistan have already started with the registration of suppliers in REX system. This means, that starting from the 1st of January 2017 the use of a "Form A"-certificate of origin for the import of goods from these countries into the EU can only be accepted as a preference document, if the value of the shipment exceeds EUR 6,000.00 and the exporter has not  been registered in the REX system yet. German customs stated clearly, that certificates of origin, Form A will not be aknowledged as preferencial documents for shipments from concerend countries with value under EUR 6,000.00.

This also applies to export shipments from European Union: a EU exporter who has not been registered in REX system yet can only apply for issuance of a EUR. 1 certificate for shipments exceeding EUR 6,000.00 value - otherwise a supplier statement of origin must be issued.

The a/m temporary regulations are valid untill 31st of December 2017 - all concerned exporters in the EU and oin those countries that have already adopted the REX system have to be registered. Further countries are expected to demand the supplier registration in REX system liekly starting from 2018 or 2019 onward.

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