Suez Canal blocked

Suzes Canal boocked by a huge container ship

Dear Customer,

as you may have heard in the media, the vessel "Ever Given" has suffered an accident while transiting through the Suez Canal. As a result the canal is effectively blocked for the time being. Already now it is to be expected that this situation will have a massive knock-on effect at all major ports between Asia and Europe, including the port of Hamburg. Planned vessel arrivals and departures will - in an already complicated environment - likely suffer from further substantial delays leading to a concentration of vessels arriving at ports at same time with will lead to considerable handling problems at the container terminals.

In order to ensure, as far as possible, a timely handling of your shipments as well as in order to try to reduce applicable demurrage and storage charges, we kindly ask, to send us your ahndling instructions and shipping documentation as early as possible, so that we can - as best possible - secure needed onforwarding capacities by rail / truck / barge. In connection with export shipments, we would like to ask you to provide us information on planned shipments as early as such information is available in order to here too secure capacity for the transport as best possible. On request we will gladly also offer other options for the overseas transport, be it by rail or air.

For further questions our team will gladly be of support.