Global Project-Logistics – Fullservice provided by Seabridge and it’s international partner network

The bigger the forwarder, the better ?

Often the contrary is the case, as a dedicated personal contact is key for the coordination of international logistic processes.

That involves the planning and preparation ahead as well as the actual execution of the project transport or the delivery of complete turn-key projects.

Packing, storage, customs handling, reporting and further value-add services – here too service out of one hand is provided by Seabridge to your advantage.

Seabridge is a member of WCA, the world’s largest forwarding network with over 6000 international and specialist partners and offices in 775 locations in 188 countries.

Your shipment is always in safe hands !In case you would like to know how we can assist you, contact our project specialists in Hamburg and Prague:

Mr. Dennis Beneke, Project Sales Manager

+49 (0)40 374933-34,

Mr. Sebastian Barthel, Project Sales Manager

+49 (0)40 374933-26,

Mr. Andre Hagedorn, Project Operations Manager

+49 (0)40 374933-19,

Mr. Ivan Sebik, Project Operations Supervisor

+42-(0)267 313 043,

A Project Example:
Transport of the world‘s largest induction furnaces to China

This order was challenging in more than one way:  4.250 cbm of cargo, 1.300 tons of weight, each of the 6 furnaces weighing 90 Tons a piece and package dimensions of up to 5 meters in width and height with the whole transport to be arranged on short notice.

The 6,70 meter high furnaces had to be shipped in a lying down position. A special hydraulic jacking unit was installed on factory site to do the job.

Also falling into our responsibility was the seaworthy packing incl. a suitable preservation of the cargo to endure a six month storage at the delivery site. For the safe overseas transport special lashing points has to be engineered and affixed on the furnaces.

For the transport to the designated shipping port of Antwerp, the consignment had to be split up. “Smaller” crates were moved in a road convoy at night.

The 6 furnaces could though only be moved by barge. The departure quay close to the factory had to be prepared to handle the weight.

All in all 60 standard trailers, 30 low-bed trailers, 2 mobile cranes and one barge were required to arrange the move in a secure and coordinated way, allowing for the joint shipping of all components on the same charter vessel to China.

The only easy part was the communication for our customer as there was only one direct contact for him:
Seabridge Transport GmbH

(arranged in cooperation with SLOGISTIK, photos: SLOGISTIK, xy/fotolia)