A new procedure for containerscanning in Bremerhaven

As one of many different procedures for the verification of the container contents, customs authorities at various ports have introduced container scanning technology. Whilst scanning procedures in Hamburg a conducted under customs supervision at a scanning installation at a fixed site outside the container terminals, customs in Bremerhaven have started operation of a new system.

In Bremerhaven the scanning of containers is to be conducted directly on the site of the container terminal through a mobile container scanning unit (TMR) affixed on a vehicle. The data gathered through a scan-arm passing the container is electronically transmitted to customs for verification

In deviation from current procedures the new scanning regime (that is to be fully operational in 2016) means that containers cannot be collected from the terminal premises prior the scanning haven taken place.

The transfer of the container to the scanning site on the terminal area is arranged on direct request by customs to the terminal operator/shipping line. The party arranging the customs clearance on behalf of the importer is to receive a notification on a pending scanning procedure. The round trip transfer of the container on the terminal site from its storage position to the scanning site is arranged through the container terminal operator only.

It is expected that containers that have gone through the scanning procedure will not be required to go through further checking requirements once they are collected from the terminal and leaving the Freeport area of Bremerhaven, thus saving previous expenditure on truck detention cost at the currently still operational fixed container scanning site. For the above mentioned round trip on the container site, the terminal operator is though expected to raise a handling charge.

For customers that have order their customs clearance operation through Seabridge, we or course arrange the complete coordination in such cases with customs, the terminal operator and the shipping line to ensure a seamless container collection and delivery once the scanning process has been concluded. Applicable scanning charges raised by the terminal operator are charged as per outlay.

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